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Carfree: Season 1 - 2023

12 short documentaries

Carfree is an innovative, quirky, and intriguing look at bicyclists, skaters, and walkers in our car-crazy world.  The initial season is made up of twelve, three-five minute mini-documentaries that celebrate the diverse people who are adopting alternative forms of transport in their lives. Each episode provides a different perspective into the Why, Who, and How of Active Transportation in its many variations including biking, walking, scootering, and emerging transit alternatives.


Interviews and action visuals are combined with animation, special effects, and original music to convey and highlight the evolutionary steps needed to transport ourselves into the coming millennia. The series premiered during National Bike Month in May of 2023 and continued into June.  A long-form version was also created for more traditional festival venues and lectures.


Produced and directed by Art Nomura - documentary maker, video artist, and Professor Emeritus at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television, and bike/walk advocate, Carfree: Season 1 is a vital counterpoint to the intensification of climate change, pollution, and traffic congestion both here and abroad. Click here to see the 12 episode series.

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