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Carfree Epiphany

Here are three of your shared stories of how you became interested in becoming car free. View more here. People shown are in various stages of car freeness.  Some are thinking of the possibility while others are already totally car free. Regardless of where you are in the process, your story is important to share. Your commitment to being/becoming car free is key to stemming climate change and making our lives safer.  Please do your part and join the Carfree Epiphany movement today!

Carfree Epiphany

Personal stories


How to Make your own Mobile Video for Carfree Epiphany

1. You need a smartphone with an internal camera and mic

2. Secure a quiet, well-lit location either indoors or outdoors for your

3. You need an Internal memory of at least 250 free megabytes for your video

4. Hit record and talk directly to the camera for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Say and spell your first name at the onset, then proceed with the recording.

5. If you make any major flubs, delete and start over with a new recording. Minor mistakes can be removed by our editing team.

6. Replay your recording to make sure that video and audio are in focus and clear.

7. Send your email address to We will send you a link so you can transfer your mobile video into our Dropbox account.

8. Put your recording in the Carfee Epiphany Dropbox account here.
9. Congratulations! You’ve joined the ranks of the Carfree devotees.

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