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Art Nomura

Several interviews from the FINDING HOME documentary can be found on this extensive website created by the Japanese American National Museum's Discover Nikkei initiative with funding from the Nippon Foundation.
Mike Goedecke's Belief Production features cutting edge designs for commercials, show openings, station ID's, trailers and teasers. Several original and innovative video/films are also featured.
Videomaker and LMU professor Luis Proenca features documentaries and oral histories on the Portuguese diaspora on this large website.
The definitive website on Tezuka Osama, the father of modern anime and creator of ASTRO BOY. A fascinating site on the so-called Walt Disney of Japan. 

Obon Odori photos with Mary Daval
Photos from the 2007 Bon Odori celebrations at Venice Buddhist Temple, West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple and Gardena Buddhist Temple. 

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