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The Wait Is Over!!!

You may order your ebook copy of Mizuko: True Spirit starting on August 1, 2022. Delivery will be a quick upload to your device. Pre-sales of the paperback version also go on sale the same day. When the printing is completed you will receive a physical copy of the book.

Bookbaby, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble will have the book in stock first. Here are the ISBN identities and the respective costs:


Paperback-9781667849171 Kindle-9781667849188

16.95 + 4.99 shipping 7.99


Paperback - 978-1667849174 Kindle- ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B7SM2JYB

16.95 free shipping 7.99

Barnes and Noble

Paperback-9781667849171 Nook ebook-9781667849188

16.95 free ship $40 or more 7.49

From August 1, Mizuko: True Spirit may also be ordered from the following stores and distributors: Baker & Taylor, Powell’s Books, Walmart, BAM! and many more. For distribution of the book look to Ingram, Nacscorp, Bookazine, and others.

Be the first to get your copy of this uniquely educational, entertaining, and historical biography. Read more about Mizuko's story and the author, Art Nomura, at the vendor's websites. Thank you!

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